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As an American living overseas, I fully endorse and praise Mr. Josef Gläser and his law firm for their efforts to bring justice to people living in Germany. Josef speaks English well, has a genuine care for people he represents and explains each step along the way. Military members, moving around so often, are afraid to spend a little of our own time and money to fight for what is rightfully ours. Give Josef a chance to examine your situation and then decide. In my case, the Stuttgart Housing and Stuttgart legal offices sent emails, called, mailed letters, and eventually placed my landlord on the restricted list, but I am still out my money. Nobody will represent me, and I (like you) was afraid of the German legal process, until that is, a friend referred me to Josef. I was lucky my landlord had for over 18 months withheld 3,000 Euro from our security deposit to reconcile bills. Josef and I spoke on the phone several times and he explained the process (first a letter demanding return of security deposit, utilities refund and legal fees) with suing if required. I was fortunate to be within the statute of limitations (12 months), so get your fingers typing and send his firm your information so they can provide advice on your specific situation. Well Josef had successfully sued my landlord so I can just imagine their look of fear when his letter showed up in their mailbox. Within 4 weeks of contacting his law firm, I had my 3.000 deposit + 600 excess utilities + 400 in legal fees (over 4,000 Euro) returned to me. I was always going to be out 3.000, but by contacting Josef I got an extra 600 euro nobody in any base agency had even mentioned. Again, take the initiative, contact his law firm and see what they can do to help you and your specific situation. I can’t recommend them enough!