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Like any rental market where the housing supply is tight, Germany is a notoriously difficult market for renting residential space. This is particularly true if you are a foreigner who has little knowledge of landlord/tenant law. It is easy for a tenant to be taken advantage of.
I found myself in such a situation when my landlord was trying to gouge me for exorbitant damages that I felt were not the responsibility of the tenant.
When this happened, I began looking for an attorney with experience in German landlord/tenant law. I talked with ten different attorneys before I came to the right one, Josef Gläser. Although he has a focus on criminal law, he has a very significant part of his practice that works with tenants on issues. Furthermore, he has a mastery of written and spoken English & Spanish along with a distain for landlords taking advantage of foreigners.
Josef, along with his associate Herr vanWijnen, were able to help me overcome baseless attacks by my landlord and insure that I did not have to pay for damages that were not my responsibility. Furthermore, there were quite a few tenants who were unable to recover their deposit upon move out from our building. By referring these former tenants to Josef, they were able to recover the deposits that the landlord had previously refused to refund.
I highly recommend Josef for any legal needs.